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Hi and welcome to Books Know No Age

Im Ayesha the face behind BKNA

Why Books Know No Age?

Reading a type of book isn't limited to an age and this is something I hear a lot on the internet, we as readers do not need to justify ourselves by what we choose to read so I created BKNA. a place to share what I love no matter what it is!! This love then developed into a desire to share more of my love for the book world with you all. 

So welcome to my world of Book Reviews, Book Merch and all things BKNA

10 facts About Me 

  1. Im a mom of 5 (4 Girls and 1 Boy)
  2. My love for tea is expressed by the amount I drink
  3. I read depending on my mood,
  4. I may read the ebook and then buy the physical book so the spines don't crack (if paperback)
  5. I am very generous in my reviews so if i give a low review it was really that bad for me
  6. I am 34 years young
  7. Im a total empath and sense moods like animals sense the weather. 
  8. I enjoy knitting and crocheting and you can learn more about that here
  9. I live in the UK and although I have never traveled to the USA my heart belongs there
  10. The ocean calls me like it calls Moana

Take Care



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